Calibrate Wealth Partners is a collaborative group of individuals who want to make a difference in the financial lives of those in their local and national networks.

Stemming from multiple generations of two grass-roots family businesses that began in the 1970s, the firm is built on the foundation of establishing and maintaining authentic and impactful relationships.

Calibrate Wealth Partners incorporates trust, creativity, and innovation to bring solutions to our clients. We take a white-glove approach, customizing each plan to help achieve specific financial outcomes.

Our Team


Matt Halvorson

Managing Partner

Eric Stiba

Managing Partner

Paige Shockman

Managing Director, Insurance

Cody J. Jochim ChFC®

Managing Director, Investments

Patty Monilaws

Director of Underwriting & Operations

Holly Kubitza

Operations Manager, Investments

Dave Halvorson


Ernest A. Stiba, Jr.


Casey Nelson

Financial Representative

Randy Foster CLU®, ChFC®

Matthew Boudreaux

Matthew Boudreaux

Financial Advisor

Robin Bolstad

Financial Representative

Greg Johnson

Investment Advisor
Dylan Abel

Dylan Abel

Investment Advisor & Paraplanner

Janet Wieck

Financial Assistant

Sally Engelbrecht

Executive Assistant

Lorna Getz

Executive Assistant

Britney Kroll

Marketing Specialist
Jesse Taylor

Jesse Taylor

Financial Representative
Nick Bowman

Nick Bowman CFP®, CEP®

Advanced Case Design Specialist

Our Story

The story of Calibrate Wealth Partners began in the 1970s with two individual advisors, Dave Halvorson of Fargo, North Dakota, and Ernie Stiba of Waco, Texas.

In their home communities, Dave and Ernie each spent decades building their own businesses. Along the way, they each raised sons to whom they would successfully pass on the legacy of their business.

With a vision to create a platform with shared knowledge and expertise, those two sons have chosen to amplify the organizations founded by their fathers and create a powerful joint venture to expand their presence nationally.

The two sons, Matt Halvorson and Eric Stiba, were introduced in 2014 at an industry conference and found that friendship came easily to them. As their personal and business relationships grew deeper, they realized that not only were their businesses complimentary to each other, they were also philosophically aligned with how they treat their clients.

Each of the firms had a shared belief in a client-first focus.They would use their individual expertise to guide clients and find the most efficient ways for them to invest and enjoy the money they earned. This provided a clear path forward for Matt and Eric to provide the best value in a team-based environment.

In 2022, Calibrate Wealth Partners was launched, providing an individualized white-glove approach for clients in communities across the country.

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Why Calibrate?

We chose the name Calibrate Wealth Partners because the word aligns exactly with how we operate. We calibrate:

your changing goals and evolving market conditions require regular communication, consistent monitoring and intentional adjustments.